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Birthdate:Aug 28
Location:Gotham, New Jersey, United States of America
[Red Hood Protection 1; Immunity 5 (Sensory Affliction effects); Senses 2 (Infravision, Radio), Removable (-2 points)6 points Red Right Hand: Strength-based Damage 1, Penetrating 3,3 points]

Originally born to Willis “Weimin" Todd and Sheila Haywood, young Jason Todd was abandoned by his mother not long after his birth, left instead to be raised by his father Willis Todd and Willis’s soon-to-be-wife and recovering drug addict Catherine Johnson. A low income family, the Todds struggled financially during Jason’s early years, Willis bringing in no more than minimum wage from his job at Ace Chemicals and Catherine scraping by with what she could get working waitress jobs. For a little while, the Todds managed to keep afloat, if only barely.

Eventually, however, the closure of Ace Chemicals cost Willis his job. Unable to find legal work, and with Catherine routinely feeling more and more fatigued, Willis took employment in a local chop shopping ring, doing his best to bring home money for his wife and child.

Unfortunately for the Todds, when the police shut down the ring, they arrested Willis. While his father was in prison, Jason, barely elementary school age, did his best to help his mother, recently diagnosed with HIV, around the house. When, having been released after four years, his father eventually returned to them, Jason was resentful and bitter towards the man, who did his best to repair the rift, teaching the young Jason how to work on cars. Even less able to find employment as an ex-con, however, Willis fell back into crime, taking up work for the criminal Two-Face, a job that eventually cost him his life.

With the sudden disappearance of his father, Jason dropped out of middle school to try to care for his ailing mother, taking odd jobs to get what money he could for food and medication. His fight was a losing one, however, and one day he came home to find his mother dead on the floor.

Freaked out and unwilling to enter the corrupt foster care system, Jason fled, living on the streets for over a year by stealing tires, picking pockets and working odd jobs before a particularly bold attempt to steal the tires off of, of all things, the Batmobile caught Batman’s attention. The vigilante decided to take in the young homeless boy, and Jason soon began to train as the second Robin, taking over after the first Robin, Dick Grayson, quit and moved on to become Nightwing.

Jason excelled in his new role, thoroughly enjoying the chance to strike back against the same crime that had surrounded him for so much of his life. However, as he grew older, Jason began to have issues controlling his rage, and Batman, believing that Jason had never really healed from finding out about his father’s death at the hands of Two-Face and that exposing Jason to the dangers and evils he faced as Robin was a mistake, benched the young boy.

Profoundly frustrated, Jason ran away, returning to his old neighborhood and discovering his birth certificate, which revealed that his mother was in fact not Catherine Todd. Running away from the Manor, Jason began to search for his mother, using all the skills and contacts he had obtained as Robin. Not long into his efforts, Bruce Wayne caught up with his adopted son, and agreed to join in the search.

Jason’s eager search led to trouble, however, in the form of the Joker, who had caught word that Batman and Robin were looking for one Sheila Haywood, and who got to her first. Seeking to strike out at Batman, the Joker laid a trap for Jason, using his mother as bait, and Jason became caught up in it. For his efforts to save his mother, he was drugged, tortured and beaten badly with a crowbar before being killed in an explosion the Joker set.

But Jason Todd would not stay dead for long. Talia al Ghul, sometime-lover of Bruce Wayne, daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, and mother of Damian Wayne, caught word of Jason’s death, and went behind her father’s back to secure access to a Lazarus Pit and retrieve Jason’s corpse. Jason’s resurrection did not go as planned, however - afflicted by the mental effects of the Lazarus Pit, Jason ran, seeking out Gotham before news that his murderer still lived drove him into a blind rage. When Talia finally tracked him down, Jason had decided on killing Batman, attempting to carbomb him only to decide against it at the last moment. Talia agreed to get Jason the training Jason needed to wage war on Batman, believing that she could distract the boy long enough to think better of his plan.

To some extent, her efforts succeeded - after several years of training, Jason returned to Gotham as the Red Hood, taking the name believed to have been used by the Joker before the accident that led to the Joker’s creation and waging war on Black Mask. As the Red Hood, Jason seized control of Gotham’s various gangs in an effort to demonstrate that Batman’s methods were ineffective and self-defeating, believing that the only way to clean up Gotham was to control the gangs directly. Jason’s drive for vengeance proved his undoing, however, and after attempting to force a confrontation between himself, the Joker and Batman led to a deep neck wound and flash burns, the Red Hood disappeared for nearly a year, Jason taking the time to recover and attempt to reconnect with Talia.

Eventually, the Red Hood returned to Gotham, managing to retake some - though not all - of his hold on the Gotham underworld, while at the same time expanding his own vigilante efforts, trusting his various lieutenants to keep the home fires burning, as it were. With his previous attempt to kill the Joker having failed, Jason’s next move is unclear, and his current motivations uncertain.
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